Is ‘The Netherlands’ divided?

OPINION. “Some say it’s a difference within money, others say it’s the person’s status, but could religion and origin countries be the ones to blame?”


By Claire R. Mahony

After the last Dutch elections were held on March 2017, criticism against Geert Wilders, which happens to be the leader of ‘The Party of Freedom’ –which I think we could discuss about what freedom they are referring to-, has said that all the people coming over from any Arabic country, are a threat to the security and integrity of the Dutch people. But, could that be right?

Well, first of all and as known, all of us have mixed blood even if we don’t want to admit it to the public eye. Probably this people are moving for several reasons such as a war –that we created-, the lack of a good economy –which I’m sure we have something to do with it too-, and many reasons more.

During his political campaign for the presidency of the country, Geert has mentioned how he wants to free the country from the Europe Union, stating that Europe is his continent, Europe is where they live and that he would get rid of it.


“Islam is not a religion; it’s an ideology, the ideology of a retarded culture”, Geert says


This has caused for the Muslim people living in the country, to start marching and campaigning against the government and specifically his political party. From trying to enter the government building, to acting against the law, to writing letters to the Royal family in order to stop this party from getting the power.

As it is also well known internationally, this made Turkey’s President Erdogan angry as he tried to convince the Turkish people residing in the Netherlands to vote for him so he could have more power in his own country, as the Netherlands denied his entry in the country because this would cause a break in their peaceful society.

So in the end what is the real cause after all the hate and separation throughout the people? Money could be the problem, although the country has shown several times to have passed the recession just fine in its lowest points, now it is showing a big economic growth due to their new political-economic laws.

So following this point, people living in the country keep finding themselves against Dutch people who follow people such as Geert Wilders and many other famous people who have shared their political points of view.

Will we all be in peace one day, accepting that we are all mixed when it comes to blood, and that respect is the key to functioning as a peaceful and growing society.