The drums of war are getting louder

Since prehistory, mankind has always needed to struggle to survive in nature, fighting cold times, animals and hunger. Thanks to man’s survival skills, it lead mankind to evolve and become who we are today. Surviving day by day meant having every day a war with nature to be capable to survive. Today, war has a very different meaning: who has the most powerful nuclear weapons or who has the strongest military force. It seems that many countries have placed military power above the security of their citizenship, leading this to war. Let’s take for an example USA and North Korea.

By Razvan Stanciu / Photo: Razvan Stanciu

Many headlines of the news around the world are written with similar titles like:North Korea says they are ready to sink US aircraft carrier to demonstrate military might".

The patience of North Korea has exploded, and warned the United States that if they make an aggressive move, they will send a nuclear attack as a response. On Sunday 23th of April, North Korea announced, that they are ready to sink a US aircraft carrier to demonstrate the great power of North Korea, the United States came with some support of two Japanese navy ships joining the US carrier. Donald Trump the president of the United States ordered the USS Carl Vinson  carrier strike group to sail to Korean waters as the tension is rising for the koreans for their nuclear missiles tests and the threats to attack United States.

The North Korea power has conducted five nuclear tests, two of those tests were realized last year, and they are working in a more powerful missile that can reach the United States. The US and South Korea officials have been saying for some weeks that North Korea could soon stage another nuclear test, something that the United States, China and others have been warned against, South Korea has put his forces on alert.


The drums of war are getting louder


Trump and key members of his Cabinet said that “the era of strategic patience is over” and “all options are on the table”. Trump is forcing China, North Korea most important ally, to apply more economic pressure on North Korea to leave and abandon the nuclear program. The US Vice President Mike Pence said the US will try to marshal support from his allies and North Korea’s neighbours, the concern of applying pressure in coordination with others strategies employed previously will not make a difference. As always North Korea responds to sanctions with defiance.

This war doesn’t have to be between two countries, it is useless to send innocent people to war because of the desire for violent peace. If they really have conflicts, let them go to war and not making them take a whole country with them.