Can new technologies change our minds?

How many phone numbers can you memorize now? And fifteen years ago? The answer to both questions has to do with the emergence of mobile and online search engines in the entire world, and demonstrates how much people’s memory has changed, especially among digital natives - young people up to 20 years of age. This phenomenon of outsourcing of memory is called Google effect.


The International Dixieland Festival


The International Dixieland Festival in Tarragona, is celebrated the week before Easter and it has a hundred activities and concerts. It has been considered, by different specialists,  as one of the four Dixieland reference festivals in Europe.

Women inequality

OPINIONSexism is still, and with different intensities, all around the world. Education is the key to end with women inequality.

Living abroad


Erasmus and Denmark Exchange. Foreign students coming to Spain to improve their spanish. Spanish students traveling to Denmark thanks to an exchange program. They  explain us what is living abroad like.