Are Pilones dying?

Most people think that "Pilones del Jerte" are one of the best places to swim and enjoy in summer, but that's not true now. What has happened?


Marcos Manrique, Valle del Jerte.

Why are we killing our environment? That's what I wonder every time I visit Pilones del Jerte.

Pilones del Jerte is probably the most interesting trekking route in Valle del Jerte, Cáceres.Perhaps it’s because of its beauty, the deeper pools created by the strong stream which goes down the river, the funner you can swim in crystal waters, or because it’s placed in the Nature Reserve of “Garganta de los Infiernos”.

Since 2010, the landscape has been degradated and its water has been polluted by a serious increase of the discharge of sewages from the local industries, which use tons of chemical products to manufacture the most profitable local crop: cherries. Cherries of Valle del Jerte are known all over the world and their taste is famous everywhere. 

For many years, the local government has promoted tourism in this rural area, but just now, when it has been achieved at last, human avarice is about to destroy it. Why? All life, the grow of cherries has been traditional, which made not necessary to use anything else to achieve that these cherries were the most popular ones in the world, so farmers could return to traditional cultivation without losing a coin nor their fame.

If we don’t do anything to save this beautiful place, all of us will be responsible for an unfortunate error. Farmers and local politicians should work all together to avoid the destruction of the area.

Pilones and cherries are the best of the region, and they must live together.