The world is being destroyed and all of us, humans, are being aware of it. This section will show you the most worrying environment problems like pollution, climate change or recycling, passing through the role of humans in those problems.

Die for breathing

Cieza/ 26 April 2019/ Joaquín Álvarez Zaragoza


Every year thousands of people die because of diseases caused by air pollution. Did you know Spain was the 6th country where more people died from this in 2016?

Is the space as clean as we think?

Cieza / 30 April 2019 / Ana Joaquina Candel Marín


Not knowing universe limits is something that perturbs everyone. However, if I told you that our universe limits are the same as those of our litter, how much would it perturb you?

The first steps

Cieza / 01 May 2019/ Sara Sanchez Moreno


The Earth is at risk. There are innumerable symptoms that prove it. But we are already aware that the solution is in our hands. The Earth, that precious blue dot in the middle of the universe, needs help and we are already starting to take care of it.


Murcia / 15 March 2019 / Jose Luis Ramón García, Joaquín Álvarez Zaragoza y Alejandro Marín González

Climatic change

The human being has become the main problem for our planet, we are a plague while we should be its protectors.

Drought for everyone

Cieza / 22 April 2019 / Manuel Penalva Pérez

Climatic change

Is a single drop of water so important? A drop can jump a glass that is almost full. Applied to meteorology, it brings floods and great economic losses, and sometimes even personal losses. The opposite effect, that is, the absence of water, is what is currently happening in the Region of Murcia.