Artificial intelligence 


AI,our present and future 


Alexandra Pinto, TRES CANTOS (MADRID)


According to Minsky ,an american scientist ,he describes Artificial intelligence or A.I. as «any task performed by a program or a machine that, if a human carried out the same activity, we would say the human had to apply intelligence to accomplish the task.» Some popular examples are: Amazon’s Alexa ,which people use to play music; Apple’s Siri , used to send a WhatsApp or call ;cars that drive themselves;  apps like Shazam , to discover new music or Facebook , Instagram or other social media, to introduce ads where if you searched or looked at a lot of posts with food you might receive recipe ads; last but not least ,Watson ,the only computer system that’s capable of answering questions posed in natural language. As everything in the world, there are detractors. Some people are afraid of ai. Robophobia is an irrational fear of robots, drones, robot-like mechanics or artificial intelligence.  People have robophobia because they think AI is going to take their jobs away, or thanks to films like Matrix or Terminator, which are about destroying the human kind and robots dominating the human race or even because more ai would mean less humanity. Today, loads of jobs are being replaced by AI because it’s faster and more effective. Jobs will change, meaning, we will have to learn new things. This is going to be one of the most difficult challenges of our time; making sure everyone can follow the development & have an opportunity in the labour market.This is a industrial revolution.It will destroy lots of jobs, but at the same time there will be others. It will change the job market. Every single technological development has changed jobs that’s nothing new. An example is, taxi drivers. In the future, as cars will drive by themselves , we won’t need taxi drivers.For instance, they could be in an office programming the car to where to go or just giving the passenger conversation.  Despite its challenges, it has its advantages. First of all, it has helped develop the world of medicine, for example, it helps improve diagnoses, it takes care of following up appointments so if you have a vaccine appointment the program will send you an email telling you about the appointment a month earlier. Secondly, AI will not replace human judgment, creativity nor empathy, they will give you the tools to make a better decision. It can also replace humans in repetitive, tedious, dangerous tasks/ jobs. Finally, it can think logically without emotions, making rational decisions with less or no mistakes. So all in all, people shouldn’t be afraid of AI, because if you get prepared for the next generation of jobs you will not have any problems getting one.


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